Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Prepare for the Certified Mold Professional Course by signing up for these two prerequisite courses today.
Mold Remediation Technician Course 
Cost: $795, plus $100 RIA certificate fee   
Date: August 4-6
Location: New York, New York 

Three days of information focused on teaching individuals how to set up various mold remediation projects and how to accomplish the specific removal and cleaning tasks associated with that industry. The course includes discussion and hands-on activities. Respirator fit test demonstration is provided.  
The Fungal Contamination textbook is included.

Continuing education credits: RIA-17.25; IICRC- 2; NADCA-4  

Mold Remediation Supervisor Course 
Cost: $695, plus $50 RIA certificate fee   
Date: August 7-8
Location: New York, New York 

Focus: Equipping the project supervisor with skills in choosing from a variety of techniques and alternatives to best suit a particular project. The heaviest emphasis is on risk assessment, selection of containment and decontamination unit options, communication of information to technicians and clients, and a deeper understanding of the various standards of care in the industry.

Continuing education credits:
RIA-11.75, IICRC-2, NADCA-4  

For information call 888-382-4154.

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