Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Learn how to reduce disease transmission

 Are you concerned about infections such as Enterovirus D68?

Do you receive questions from your clients requesting assistance with infectious outbreaks?  Improve your response to your clients by utilizing resources to help the facility personnel address and prevent such occurrences.
The CIRI Supervisor/Assessor course covers the following topics and a lot more:

  • ·         Compliance with the new Clean Standard: K-12 that ties proper facility cleaning to improved occupant health
  • ·         Building/cleaning process evaluations to reduce disease transmission
  • ·         Certification training for school staff
  • ·         Sensitized individuals’ health triggers and a comprehensive course of action

Learn more about resolving infection outbreaks and the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 on October 3 in Toronto - click here. 

We look forward to seeing you at the PLR Expo in Toronto on October  1-2. Register today. Click here for information and registration.    

If you have questions contact ssp@wondermakers.com or 269-382-4154.

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